Technical Specifications and fuel economy
Engines are the heart of every vehicle and are used as a main criteria when on a hunt for a new vehicle. Drivers are often torn apart when they have to choose between the most common options - petrol and diesel. There some distinct differences between the two engines and especially in their maintenance (which, by the way, plays major role when it comes to calculating the costs).
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The exhaust system is key element of every motor vehicle. It serves as an outlet that leads the burned out car gases outside the vehicle. That's why its regular maintenance is crucial: first, because it would help you keep your car in a shape; and second, because it will save you time, money and nerves on repair.
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Car DataBase API’s has been updated with the technical data about the following vehicles:

Audi RS5 Coupe II
BMW 1er Hatchback (F20 LCI, facelift 2017)
BMW 1er Hatchback (F21 LCI, facelift 2017)
BMW 5er Sedan (G30) ...
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