Audi's newest technology to eliminate the turbo lag

Audi presented a revolutionary new technology to deal with the hated turbo lag. The new Audi's decision add some more functionalities and enhances the car's performance to a higher level.
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Interesting car premieres during Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018

During the first days of the 2018 Mondial Paris Motor Show people were able to witness the world premieres of some of the most anticipated vehicles in the automotive industry, as well as the "birth" of some new car companies.
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The ultimate vehicle specification guide - the cars in details, Part III

We've reached Part III of our automotive specifications' guide.
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The ultimate vehicle specification guide - the cars in details, Part II

We are continuing our Odyssey in the world of automobiles with part II of our car specs guide.
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The ultimate vehicle specification guide - the cars in details, Part I

Vehicle specifications are of an immense importance when going on hunt for a new car. They represent the strongest and weakest characteristic of every car, based on which people make purchases.
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Major types of vehicle transmissions

Automobiles are complex vehicles. Every part of their “body” has a predetermined position and function. Transmissions are one of those vital elements of the car skeleton that make it possible for it to move. And just like everything in automotive industry, they are constantly put through various changes – shaping them according to the progressive vehicle needs and innovations.
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Why are car batteries important?

Automobiles need batteries to work properly. Basic actions like starting the engine or switching on the headlights are simply impossible.
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The future of the automotive industry belongs to the electric vehicles.

The past decade is marked by the sudden and yet expected rise of electric cars. And while the electric cars are known for at least a century, their recent development and significant upgrades have turned them into the ultimate cars of the future.
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Some facts behind the plug-in hybrid cars

When we talk about hybrid vehicles most of us think of them as of revolutionary discovery of the 21st century. The truth is that they have longer than expected and quite interesting history.
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Car exhaust and what damages it?

The exhaust system is key element of every motor vehicle. It serves as an outlet that leads the burned out car gases outside the vehicle. That's why its regular maintenance is crucial: first, because it would help you keep your car in a shape; and second, because it will save you time, money and nerves on repair.
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Ground clearance and its meaning

By definition, ground clearance is described as the smallest distance between the road and the lower end of the vehicle chassis. Another term for ground clearance is a ride height.
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The size of the engine and its importance

When choosing a car, one must know the parameters its future vehicle should have - engine, transmission, fuel consumption, tire size and many more important details.
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The true nature of vehicle specifications

Car specifications represent maybe the most important vehicle technical data such as engine type and displacement, fuel system and type, car model and make, type of transmission, vehicle dimensions (length, width, height, wheelbase), top speed, acceleration, fuel tank volume, consumption of fuel, tire size and etc.
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The partnerships we are proud of

Car DataBase API's main users are people, organizations and institutions who work in the automotive field – either on-line or in the real world.
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Car Specs API - reliable, accurate, detailed

Since the day of the first car, the automotive industry has undergone through various changes and still hasn’t stopped. Probably it never will. But it has become a symbol of what human creative mind and the desire to conquer are capable of.
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